The task of creating and installing interactive exhibits in a museum setting requires a very complex and robust skill set. First off, a company must have the experience to choose the best technology for public interactions. The wear and tear of public use requires very thoughtful production and material choices.  For instance, we have used touchscreen systems from their very early inception in the early 90’s until now, where they are so common they exist in thousands of applications. We know and understand this technology, the best choice (capacitive vs. surface wave, etc.) and who are the most reliable manufacturers. We bring this experience to everything we do.

interface/information design

There is also the important skill to develop and understand with the exhibit’s interactive interface, where the audience engages the information, in the most accessible and intuitive manner. We have a deep reservoir of experience in designing interactive elements that take these critical factors into account. Having honed our skills in the world of major auto show venues, public mall installations, tradeshows around the world, and many museum pieces, we are prepared to handle all the challenges of delivering solid, long-lasting products to our clients. We have many repeat customers, who rely on our expertise for their public media presentations, which more than anything speaks volumes of our attention to detail, quality of work, and exceeding their expectations for the projects we are engaged in.


We are constantly searching for new technologies that will deliver better user experiences while maintaining cost objectives and durability standards. When our work is installed in its final venue, be it a museum in the US, a tradeshow in China, an auto show  in Germany or a corporate center in Ohio, the exhibits work, provide exactly what the clients envisioned at the start of the projects and retain their value over their expected life span.

moving media

Our media production and programming experience is extensive. We have a complete digital audio recording studio and have produced countless audio projects for all types of clients. Our skill set in audio production and delivery is broad and deep. We understand all the nuances of making audio sound exceptional for the intended audience, whether it is through small personal speaker systems, or large hall-filling sound installations. We know audio.

We have a complete HD video acquisition and editing system as part of our permanent production environment. Our video sound stage setup includes HD camera acquisition with the well-respectedSony series of HD cameras recording to either SD cards or direct to hard drive for long format projects. A lighting grid, full green screen for chromakey production and a voice-over booth round out our Ann Arbor production studio. We are also no stranger to taking the “show on the road” as we have traveled extensively throughout the US on video shoots, bringing equipment packages with us or renting on location for the best production outcomes.

code warriors

Our in-house programming expertise is very extensive and covers a wide variety of languages and deliverables. We are experts in Adobe Director, having started using this very versatile program from its very inception as Macromedia Director 1.0. We understand all facets of Flash, web programming and design, HTML coding, Adobe Air and Flex, along with database development and access for multimedia applications.

wires and fuses

We have many years of experience in the very basic but critical skill of hardware interfacing. How to get a computer talking to a wide screen monitor, the various video transmission formats, touchscreen protocols and connectivity, Ethernet networking, serial control, motion sensors, RFID tags, etc. These are just a few among the myriad of technical specifications we have studied and implemented in our many installations.